About Us



Dear Visitors !


You are very welcome to make the most unforgettable trip

to Haus steht Kopf,

the Upside -down House that has been built in the Tirolian

village of  Terfens !

  In this unique place in the whole of Austria you can experience the world

from the up side down perspective . This fully furnished and equipped house

makes an incredible impression on everyone who enters it . And in the garage

You can admire a car.

The familiar objects suddenly become unknown from

this bat perspective . The law of gravitation does not apply here, everyone

can stand on his head and everything becomes possible,

making it a challenge to human senses.

Not everyone has enough courage to face it.

What about you ?


Feel free to take the most hilarious pictures and make crazy movies.

We can assure you this will be an unforgettable adventure for you

and your family and a real trial of courage for everyone !

Dear guests !

You enter the facility at your own risk. In case of any troubles

with the labyrinth or motion sickness please consider that fact.


Hello everyone
He have our Restaurant with polish delicacy already opened. Please come around and try our hand-made
dishes. We make our food fresh every day !!!

"Haus Kopernikus"


We look forward to the state visit !